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Research Reports are designed to suggest comprehensive findings and implications of academic and in-depth researches and analyses on the economy, insurance and financial industry, and financial institutions.
Policy and Management Reports aim to derive and then present implications for policies and managements by conducting in-depth investigations and analyses on the insurance and financial industry.
Survey Reports are a report to show timely and diverse results of surveys on institutions, products, policies, and markets in the financial industry.
This book is a quarterly publication and aims to provide native expertise on the Korean economy, Korean insurance industry and global insurance market to reach a wider global audience.
This book is an annual publication in English and is intended to provide information on recent developments in the Korean insurance industry and economy as well as in the financial environment.
We conduct nationwide insurance surveys to understand what customers want and need. The findings are provided to insurance companies for making marketing strategies and expanding customer services.
The first edition of the Journal of Insurance Studies was published in 1990. The JIS covers the areas related to insurance, economy, finance, and social security. Since 2006, it has been registered with Korean Research Foundation. Korea Insurance Research Institute publishes JIS three times ( March, July, November ) a year.
CEO Reports are designed to provide information on important issues for top management and governmental authorities
KIRI Report is web-based Reports designed to provide information on timely issues
Seminar Papers are the ones provided for international seminars, policy seminars, public hearings, and breakfast meetings held by Korea Insurance Research Institute.
This book is monthly publication and provides the broad information on statistics, public policy, and recent developments in population ageing throughout the world.
The book provides premium forecasting businesses to cope with the rapidly changing insurance environment through in-depth analyses of major management themes of the insurance industry.
Breakfast meetings with CEOs, directors, professors, and government officials are held in May, June, and November so as to share information on recent insurance industry issues and to construct human networks with them.
Global conferences are annually held to construct a global network and enhance competitiveness. They aim to build the global network through international exchanges and thus strengthen international competitiveness.